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Sex Slave Games – Where Your Wild Wishes Come True

Sex Slave Games is one of those porn game collections where the action is so intense and extreme that you must delete your browsing history after finishing playing their titles. You really don’t want to get caught by your partner playing these games. They will think you are a total perv and you’ll have some explaining to do. But you will sure want to have fun with these games. The action on Sex Slave Games is covering all the rough fantasies you might have running around in your mind. If you’re all about domination, your urges will be satisfied by the gameplay on Sex Slave Games. It’s a collection of modern titles, built in HTML5, with good graphics and some really mad BDSM sessions. Let’s take a closer look at what the Sex Slave Games collection is offering in this fresh review, after which you will be ready to go enjoy all the crazy adventures.

The BDSM Themes in Sex Slave Games

The collection comes with a series of games in which you will play from the perspective of the dominator. Some games will let you play as a master, while in others, you will get to experience the adventures from the perspective of a dominatrix. You will be able to unleash your wrath exclusively on helpless girls, who are tied up and gagged for your convenience. I would have loved to get at least a femdom game in which the slave is a man, and I hope they will add such a title soon. As for the things you will get to do to all these poor girls, the treatments and sexual torture includes power play with whips and paddles, shocking and spanking, lots of bondage, crazy toy insertions, even some fisting action. The bondage sessions are taking place in proper settings, such as an insane asylum or sex dungeons, which will add to the excitement of the gameplay.

The Graphics on Sex Slave Games

As mentioned before, Sex Slave Games is only featuring titles that were built using HTML5. That means all the games are fairly new. Some are dating from 2015, while there are some games that were launched earlier this year. You will figure out which is witch, because the newer games have some overly realistic characters. And when it comes to bondage gameplay, you need realistic characters, so that you can feel the thrilling sensation of inflicting pain on a helpless slave. This sensation is increased by the fact that all the babes are screaming from the top of their lungs during these BDSM sessions. The screams are real voiceovers, and you should get a pair of headphones while enjoying the gameplay on this site. Otherwise, your neighbors will think you’re torturing someone in your apartment. Another nice feature of the games in this collection is the customization. Not all games, but some of them will let you choose the size of the breasts and asses of the slave girls and the size of the master’s dick. A couple of games will also let you play with the camera, change the angles and zoom in on the bodies of your slaves.

Conclusions on Sex Slave Games

Sex Slave Games is one of the main free sex games sites for bondage porn. Because of that, they have to place a couple of banners in the member area. But they practice a non-intrusive form of advertisement, so your games won’t be interrupted in any way. The website is also offering fast loading pages and a short loading time for the games. Although these are browser games, they are quite big. I have played some of the titles on other sites and I had to wait an eternity for them to load. With a decent internet connection, you will never wait for more than half a minute on Sex Slave Games. I’ve noticed that they add a new game on the site every month, but they don’t have a set schedule. I hope the collection will keep on growing and I hope that they will bring us some femdom games with male slaves, because I want to play some CBT action. All in all, Sex Slave Games is an excellent source for the bondage passionate. They properly recreated all the methods used to punish slaves in these games, and the action would satisfy even masters and mistresses. Get on the site now and start playing these games for free.

Review Pros

  • Merciless Bondage Gameplay
  • New Titles
  • Excellent and Realistic Graphics

Review Cons

  • Not Many Male Slaves

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