Jerk Titans Is The Next-Gen Porn Experience

I don’t even know if we can call Jerk Titans a game anymore. It’s technically an online sex game, but the gameplay experience is nothing like I’ve seen. It combines so many elements of gameplay, porn and customization that it becomes an alternate reality where you can have your wildest fantasies pleased. It’s basically a porn metaverse where you are in full control of your sexual adventure. This was made possible by developers who figured out all the secrets of the new HTML5 game technologies and they used it to the limits. On top of that, Jerk Titans also comes with a VR mode and with interactive sex toy compatibilities that will make you feel like you are part of the action. The customization features are also helping you personalize the action. All kinds of kinks and fetishes can be pleased by Jerk Titans. All kinds of chicks can be fucked here. Even some famous characters from movies, cartoons, and mainstream videogames. The only problem with this game is the fact that you will cum too fast. Some men need three or four jerk-off sessions to finish playing the whole thing. At the same time, because of the customization and because of the liberty you have in exploring your sexuality, Jerk Titans also has a huge replay value.

It’s More Than Just A Simple Sex Game

The gameplay is no longer just point and click with Jerk Titans. You’ll actually get to control all aspects of the sex. In the middle of fucking, you can switch holes. You can even turn the babe around and make her suck on your virtual cock. You have the option to finish in came at the same time you do in real life. And the cumshots are amazing. If you choose not to finish inside the babes, you can finish on their asses, on their faces and even on their feet. Swallowing is also an option.

The experience is enjoyed mostly from POV perspective, with some third person camera moments to give you another view over certain kinks, such as reverse cowgirl fucking, rimming or cumplay. The sound work in this game is also a huge reason for which you will love playing. The moaning, screaming, sex sound effects or voiced dirty talking action is adding to the realism of the whole experience.

Cross Platform Compatibility And Community Features

There’s no excuse for any game these days not to offer you a cross platform experience. No matter what device you use for porn, you can play this game with no issues. You can play it on computer, phone or tablet as long as you have an up-to-date browser and an internet connection. You can also enjoy a VR gameplay experience with Jerk Titans and you don’t need to install anything for it. Just grab your headgear, plug it in, get on the site and enjoy the most insane immersive game that’s available for free on the web.

Review Pros

  • Play On Any Device
  • No Registration
  • No Payment Required

Review Cons

  • No Plotline

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