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4 Star Rating is the site I've been waiting for. It's made like a blog, because it is a fucking blog, it's neatly organized, has no adds, reports everything about the game you want to play, let's you play it, and leaves you the fuck alone. What more can you ask for?

It also gives you other content besides the games, by letting you register, giving you their wiki, some links, the forum link, fiction stories, a discord chat, and also, what you came here for - fucking games. And the games that you find here are great too. Some of them involve sexy elf's that sometimes destroy things by seducing you with their cunts, and other times they make the world tremble with their penises. The games mostly involve themes like that, you know, fiction, all kinds of it, wars, warrior, sexy and busty girls, and imagine all of that combined with some great tension that leads to many sexual scenes and actions that you could never imagine.

Now that I'm done praising the qualities of this site, let me tell you a bit about its flaws. By the looks of it, since it's a blog, you wouldn't normally guess that it contains any content of substance, let alone games. So, even though it's neatly organized, maybe they took it a bit too far and organized it so much that you don't even have any idea where to look at and how to navigate this shit. Of course, that's why you have the discord chat, to maybe get a little help, and the wiki, to give you valuable information about this site. On the forum you can share your opinions with some other users of this site, and that makes you a small porn community, brothers in arms, ha-ha.In the links you can find links to various games, writing rules and guides (in case that interests you), different artists, discounts, cool stories and fan-fictions, and many other things that are for sure going to give you lots of sexual release, since we know that's what you freaky people and looking to get over here.

Now, in order to use the content to the fullest and get an awesome gaming and browsing experience, you will need to become a member of this site, which is easy. Now they are careful not to distribute explicit content to minors, so in order to become a member, you'll need to check the box and prove that you're not under 18 years old. And I advise no minors to try and become members here. After that, just type in your password and email, make up a user name, and after that, just browse away with no worries.

So in conclusion, the site is awesome, everything is great, the organization, the content, the easiness, but the navigation is a little bit fucked up. That's okay though. If you actually can forget about that and just focus on the perks of this site, I promise you that you will have an amazing time.

Review Pros

  • Great content
  • Neat organization
  • Everything's free

Review Cons

  • A bit messy
  • Lots of adds
  • No specified categorizing of content
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