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Ever felt like you wanted to experience more than simply watching porn on your computer monitor or your phone, no matter how good it is? I know I did, and luckily, so did many other people. Some of those people have artistic talent and a boner so hard it actually made them sit down and create something new.

Enter, sex games. When you feel like being an idle observant and jerking off to a busty porn star being drilled and sprayed with cum is just too boring, you go to other places on the internet and find more interactive ways to enjoy the adult industry. You go to a site called Adult-Sex-Games.

Now, that is a world completely different from classic sites with naughty videos. So different I don't even know where to begin, but I'll imagine you have no idea what I'm talking about so I'll just start from the top.

Adult-Sex-Games features a wide variety of interactive online sex entertainment in a flash format. Art forms vary quite a bit and you will rarely find a "real looking" girl anywhere but trust me when I say it's a good thing. In drawn and computer generated porn, the only limits are the artist's imagination.

These free online games feature all kinds of themes and characters. Do you have a favorite game, cartoon or movie girl you wanted to see being pounded or choking on massive cocks but never had the opportunity before? Chances are you'll find her here in more ways than you thought possible, and even be able to control what is going to happen to her. See the appeal of these things now?

I mean, I've been there for just a little while and already jerked off to Jasmine from Aladdin deepthroating a stiff schlong. Then there's Princess Peach from Super Mario, doing all kinds of kinky stuff in numerous different games. In the same manner, I saw chicks from Resident Evil, Naruto, Disney, Overwatch, etc. You get the point. While a ton of these represent a parody on a popular movie, cartoon, video game character or similar, there are even more of the original titles, with equally hot but unknown girls, sexy monsters, furries... you name it.

The upside of the flash format and browser compatibility is that they load fast and you can quickly go through many of them, scrolling through numerous art styles, finding the one that suits your fancy. Gameplay varies as you can play puzzles, interactive movie clips, undressing games, short adventures, modest RPGs, dating sims. Graphics range from being horrible to shiny and amazing but are always boner inducing.

Don't expect the quality to match big-budgeted games you need to download and install because most of these were made by a single guy or gal with a vision and a dirty mind. However, do expect to find a gem every now and then, and get lost in it playing with one hand and... well, you know where the other hand goes.

Review Pros

  • Porn parody games
  • Fast loading times
  • Huge collection

Review Cons

  • Lots of ads
  • Occasional censorship
  • Some bad games
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